Sustainable Business Solutions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sustainable Business Solutions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The lockdown and community quarantine, which has been implemented due to the COVID19 pandemic, has prevented businesses from functioning or completely returning to 100% operations. Now more than ever, it is vital for companies to resort to sustainable business solutions during COVID19.


Listed below are four simple sustainable recommendations that can help with energy conservation during the lockdown period:

  1. Ask Everyone to Help

    Companies providing essential services during the lockdown may require their frontliners and skeleton workforce to report to the office. Even with fewer people, energy will still be consumed. Remind each member of the team to turn off the lights; unplug appliances when not in use; turn-off the aircon when no one is in the room; be careful with water consumptions; as well as remember to still segregate trash appropriately. Every small step matters: sustainability is a practice and a lifestyle.


  3. Purchase Energy Efficient Products

    Energy saving gadgets will be able to help offices lower expenses spent on electricity, especially while operating during the COVID19 pandemic–be it under the ECQ, MECQ, or GCQ. Replace outdated office equipment with energy efficient electronics, which only consume 12% of electricity as compared to regular appliances that require 37% of a facility’s total energy. For those who are not connected to a renewable energy source, this lessens the amount of fossil fuels burned to power a business. 

    Purchase Energy Efficient Products


  5. Select Sustainable Supply Chains

    Companies may also take a step further by opting for eco-labels that have EPEAT certified products. From servers, computers, displays, imaging equipment, televisions, to mobile phones, among others-brands awarded with this certification are not only energy efficient, but also use sustainable products and processes from start to finish. Eco-stamp-of-approval aside, it is vital to also look for a local supplier that is located near you to lessen the carbon footprint generated to ship products from a warehouse to your office. 


  7. Connect to a Renewable Energy Source

    At a larger scale, one of the best sustainable solutions for businesses during the lockdown is to utilize clean energy and install solar panels on their building’s rooftop. Even if some businesses are not operational, certain equipment may need to run and perhaps air conditioning must be switched-on. With solar, corporations can enjoy guilt-free energy consumption. Commercial clients purchasing a PV rooftop solar system can reduce their electricity expenses by up to 60%.

In addition to solar savings, the payment terms are affordable, as companies have the option to join Buskowitz’s Build-Operate-Lease-Transfer program. Through BOLT, businesses are given the opportunity to go solar with little to no upfront cost. Buskowitz Solar—the solar rooftop division of Buskowitz Energy—builds the installation, operates, and at the end of the lease period, gives ownership to the client while still being available for maintenance and operation. Now businesses not only enjoy solar savings, but can also afford to save the environment through their choice of using clean energy. For inquiries on how to power your business with the sun, email us at


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