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The Outlook 2022: Philippine Real Estate Awards

Aside from the best developments and developers, The Outlook 2022: Philippine Real Estate Awards features a distinguished panel of judges. Notable real estate personalities with extensive expertise and experience evaluated each nomination submitted at the competition.

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, The Outlook 2022: Philippine Real Estate Awards, previously known as the Philippine Buyers’ Choice Property Awards, returns with prestigious recognitions for the country’s best property developers and developments.

Each year, Lamudi introduces new categories that reflect the state of the property sector not only the theme of the event but also the state of the property sector. For 2022, the awards ceremony is dedicated to highlighting and celebrating the resilience and excellence of property players amid the global health crisis. It puts a spotlight on the industry’s vision of a better built environment for the Filipino people, as it moves to the post-pandemic era.

Lamudi recently announced the shortlisted nominees for The Outlook 2022: Philippine Real Estate Awards. Now, we unveil the prominent personalities who evaluated each nomination that made the cut.


Judges at The Outlook 2022: Philippine Real Estate Awards

The judges at The Outlook 2022: Philippine Real Estate Awards come from different organizations, with representatives from the public and private sectors. Lamudi chose these personalities for their extensive real estate expertise and experience.

Here are the judges for different categories at The Outlook 2022: Philippine Real Estate Awards:


Jason Buensalido

Architect Jason Buensalido is the Chief Design Ambassador of Buensalido+Architects, a firm specializing in design concepts that uplift lives and address community issues. He is an alumnus of the UST College of Architecture and the Architectural Association Global School in Singapore. In 2019, he made it to the Gen.T List for innovating in architecture and urban design.


James Buskowitz

Chairman and CEO of Buskowitz Group, James Buskowitz, is leading the way to increase the adaptation of renewable energy in the Philippines. His company is one of the pioneering providers of tailor-fit solar power systems in the country. James Buskowitz also founded several successful businesses, including Energy Renewables Asia, Inc., Buskowitz Development, Inc., and BDI Capital.


Dr. Eduardo Ong

A man of many titles, Dr. Eduardo Ong is an educator, realtor, and consultant. He brings with him over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, where he became the first Chairman of the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service (PRBRES) and the first Chairman of the Continuing Professional Development Council (CPD). Dr. Ong is currently the President and CEO of EdwardKing Global Consultants Inc., a firm engaged in real estate marketing, training, and development.


Georg Platzer

Georg Platzer is the Marketing Development Manager of IKEA Southeast Asia. He started working for the globally-recognized brand in 1989, taking on various functions in seven different countries. He successfully launched the IKEA brand in Croatia before coming to the Philippines to lead the start-up of the first IKEA store in the country.


Joel Luna

Architect Joel Luna is the founder and principal of Joel Luna Planning and Design (JPLD), a firm focused on urban placemaking and planning of large-scale and mixed-use estates. Prior to his current role, he served as Chief Architect, Head, and Vice President for the in-house master planning and design group of Ayala Land, Inc., for 27 years.


Atty. Robert Leyretana

An official of the Land Registration Authority (LRA), Atty. Robert Leyretana has been the LRA’s Deputy Administrator since 2011. Before this, he started his career as the agency’s Chief of the Law Division in 2003 and had a private practice in the field of land titling. He was also given the CESO II rank by the Office of the President—the second highest rank given to a career government official.


Rey John Lorca

Rey John Lorca is an expert in green architecture, urban and master planning, interior design, and facilities and property management. He is the founder, principal architect, and CEO of Lorcatecture Corporation, a design firm that advocates for sustainable development. Rey John Lorca is also a licensed environmental planner and real estate broker and sits as one of the Board of Directors of the Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI).


Josephine Sarangaya

Josephine Sarangaya serves as the Corporate Executive Officer I for the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC), a major government home mortgage institution. Her commitment to sustaining the affordability of homes fuels her efficiency in the securitization of mortgages in the country.


Maria Luisa Favila

Another key officer from NHMFC, Maria Luisa Favila, is the Vice President of the Securitization Group. She has been with the company for over four decades, proving her dedication to addressing the affordable housing need and excellence in maintaining the effectiveness and sustainability of NHMFC’s programs.


Amado de Jesus

Amadeo de Jesus is the Vice Chairman of the Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI), a non-profit organization aiming to lessen the environmental impact of buildings in the Philippines. Amadeo de Jesus, together with the organization members, started the conversion on green initiatives in the country and the promotion of technologies for environmentally-friendly construction.


Amy Remo

Amy Remo is the Writing Editor for the Property Section of Philippine Daily Inquirer and a Business Reporter for nine years. An expert content strategist and alumnus of Ateneo de Manila University and Ateneo Graduate School of Business, Amy Remo sheds light on the latest real estate trends and opportunities in the country’s leading broadsheet.


Tek Samaniego

Theresa “Tek” Samaniego is the Property Section Editor and Special Editorial Projects and Supplements Head for Philippine Daily Inquirer. Her over six years of experience working for the nation’s most-awarded broadsheet makes her a thought leader in the local and international real estate scene.


Corazon Agpasa

From the engineering industry, we have Corazon Agpasa to complete our esteemed panel of judges. Her over a decade of experience as a registered civil engineer led her to be the Principal Engineer of Polintan-Agpasa Engineering Design Services. With this company, she is able to promote the best practices for construction projects and uplift the lives of construction workers in the country.


Process of Judging Nominations

The judges refer to predefined category-specific criteria to evaluate the nominations submitted. The entries with the highest scores were the ones shortlisted.

After the shortlisting, the nominations under the Luzon, VisMin, and Grand Awards categories were surveyed among thousands of active property seekers on Lamudi. The developments and developers that received the highest number of votes will be the winners announced on the gala night. The Special Awards winners and the Personality of the Year will be chosen by Lamudi.

The gala ceremony for The Outlook 2022: Philippine Real Estate Awards will be held on September 27, 2022. The event is co-presented by KONE and in partnership with media organizations Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inquirer Property, Business Mirror, Manila Standard, The Manila Times, Malaya Business Insight, Sunstar Cebu, Real Estate Blog PH, Negosentro, Property Finds Asia, Village Connect PH, and World Executives Digest.

The silver sponsors for the event are Maximus and Gorenje, while the bronze sponsors are Inventi, BDO, RCBC, BPI, Metromart, Shopee, Zalora, and CleanSource Solution.

To know more about The Outlook 2022: Philippine Real Estate Awards, visit this page.

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