Understanding Your Carbon Footprint: What is it and how you can lower it

Understanding Your Carbon Footprint

Understanding Carbon Footprint is defined as the carbon dioxide equivalent of the total amount of emissions of a single individual, organization, product, or event.

Most carbon footprint emissions come from indirect sources. (ex. Buying clothes–the production process, transportation cost, and energy cost of where it is sold are not directly caused by the consumer). The “carbon footprint” concept stemmed from the concept of an “ecological footprint,” which is the accounting of how much people consume versus how much the earth can renew. Often, electricity is the biggest contributor to any single person or institution’s carbon footprint. The fact is, any activity produces carbon emissions.

Lower your carbon footprint by:

  • Choosing to eat meatless as much as you can

    Livestock is one of the biggest contributors to global carbon emissions. By eating less meat, we reduce our carbon footprint because we reduce our contribution to the industry.


  • Choose renewable energy

    Finding a source of renewable energy and choosing to make sure your energy is sourced from renewable energy providers will lessen the amount of coal emissions, which is ideal for the earth.


  • Choose to carpool, bike, or walk

    Taking one less car off the road will help with the global carbon emissions greatly. If you can organize a carpool, bike, or walk more often, then you not only help the planet, but you also help your wallet.


  • Invest in energy saving appliances, buy low-flow showerheads and faucets

    By making sure your everyday activities take up as little resources as possible, you can greatly lower your carbon footprint.


  • Plant trees.

    Trees sequester carbon, and the more trees there are, the more carbon we remove from the atmosphere. You can offset your carbon footprint by planting its equivalent in trees each year or buying carbon offsets so that organizations can plant them on your behalf.

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