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Valentine’s Day Ideas that are Equally Eco-Friendly and Romantic

Over the years Valentine’s day has become more and more associated with capitalism. It has become so focused with spending on material things that an event that is supposedly a celebration of love, makes some people think it’s a celebration of capitalism. Our opinion? It can be a celebration of capitalism, but it doesn’t have to be!

If you have visited all the museums in Metro Manila, or all restaurants are all fully-booked already, we are listing down new things you can try this February 14 that are both eco-friendly and romantic:


  1. Get Potted Plants or Flowers

    Flowers are one of the most popular gifts every Valentine, and we agree it can be a beautiful expression of love. If you’re thinking of ways to make flowers even more special, we believe giving a nice potted plant or flower is the way to go. Gifting potted plants or flowers can last longer than arranged flowers, and doesn’t that speak volume of a lasting love more? What’s even better is that potted plants comes with Science-backed benefits, too, so it’s literally saying “sharing is caring” with this gift.


  3. Achieve the Greater Heights

    Wanting a breather away from the bustle of the city this Valentine? Achieve greater heights with your loved one/s by hiking. If you or your loved ones are new to hiking, you can find that a lot of the mountains in Rizal are beginner friendly. It’s also 2-3 hours away from Metro Manila, too, so if you’re planning to squeeze in another activity within you’re day, you definitely can.

    Hiking has a lot of health benefits, including reducing risks of  heart disease. But whether you’re hiking or just travelling, make sure to check on these 12 steps to leave a positive impact to the places you’ll visit.


  5. Tour Around the City in Bicycle

    If you’ll be working this Valentine and only have a night to go on a date, why not stroll around the business districts in bicycle just like your favorite k-drama? Luckily, if you don’t have your own bicycle yet, there is an e-scooter sharing platform available in Bonifacio Global City and in Makati already.

    With the greenhouse gas emission in the Philippines amounting to 31.54 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2 annually from the transport system, the environment will surely send you more love for not contributing to the gas emission this Valentine.


  7. Spend quality time with each other, by helping a community

    A unique way to spend valuable time with your partner this Valentine’s Day is by sharing your love with your community. According to studies, an increase in oxytocin is found in people volunteering. 

    Also, donating pre-loved items to a community does not only help other people but the environment. Since producing new textiles for garments accounts for 10% of carbon emissions.


  9. Make your gift sustainable!

    There is nothing sweeter than giving your partner a heartfelt and filled-with-effort gift. Not only you’d save money but you could also save the environment.

    A great way of doing so is by giving your partner a scrapbook made with recycled materials, as not only it’s sustainable but a great bonding experience where you work on it together by filling it with photos from your memorable moments. 

Learn more about how you could spend your festive days a sustainable one, read through our blogs at www.buskowitz.com. Live a life powered by the sun by reaching out to one of our solar experts at info@buskowitz.com

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