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What is the True Cost of Living in Metro Manila?

In Metro Manila, the average monthly cost of a single person is Php 59,000 while the average income is Php 18,900 per month. So why is it so expensive to live in the city? And what exactly is the true cost of living in Metro Manila? 


According to research, here is a list of the average cost of a single person residing in Manila:

  1. Meals – Php 200 per meal
  2. Groceries – Php 5,300 per month
  3. Transportation – Php 700 per month
  4. Internet – Php 2,400 per month
  5. Water and Electricity – Php 5,800 per month
  6. Childcare (if any) – Php 10,300 per month
  7. Rent – Php 34,000 per month

With the world currently undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in human history, the cost of city living is also expected to increase.


So what does this mean for us and the environment?

Reports show that a city building, on average, accounts for 36% of global energy use and 38% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions annually. A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Even our homes take up about 20% of the global greenhouse emissions.


With more and more homes, buildings, and cars being added to our cities, we are left with the question “what next?”.

Most of the items listed above still rely on the use of fossil-fuels to generate power and fuel most of our daily activities. A way for us to reduce our own carbon footprint is to look into more renewable and sustainable energy solutions in order for us to create a greener future for generations to come.

Furthermore, it is our duty to provide a quality lifestyle and cost of living for the generations to come. It is their basic right, but often cost factors into its accessibility and availability. If both businessmen and homeowners learn to harness the power of the sun and other forms renewable energy, then perhaps in the long run, we’ll see those savings go into better services, lower costs, and create a green-conscious community that will help shape the future.

To learn more about our vision for a more sustainable and greener tomorrow, check out our other blog articles here or get in touch with one of our Solar Ambassadors today!

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