Installment of Solar Panels

What To Know About Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the most astounding inventions that came out in our lifetime. Whether paired together with the use of a magnifying glass which was used to start fires from the 7th Century or the first solar cell introduced by Swiss Scientist Horace-Benedict de Saussure in the 16th Century and by the end of the 17th Century an American inventor Charles Fitz created the first working selenium solar cell. Now that it has become more popular, you may be wondering what else do you need to know about solar panels or solar photovoltaic systems before you get one. 
Today, with the help of the great minds, and great companies such as, Canadian Solar, SolarEdge, and Elon Musk who is behind Tesla, the technology on solar and renewable energy have skyrocketed, and we now have endless options in hand. While alternatives are a good thing, especially for consumers, it can be overwhelming as well. So, we are narrowing down and answering the questions you should be asking before you make a purchase:


  1. Is switching to solar energy worth it?

    Once you get a quotation, this may be the first thing you’ll ask yourself. Although a solar photovoltaic (PV) system can be expensive, it is worth noting that it can help you cut up to 50% your electricity costs annually, too. In terms of comparing proposals, make sure to consider the return on investment or ROI, and how long it will take to get back what you invested on your solar pv system. With the cost of electricity constantly rising, it’s best to have a source of energy that doesn’t increase like solar.


  3. Why are there solar companies that offer more affordable solar pv system than others?

    Our take: If a solar pv system will have more problems over the years, then it’s more expensive. Much like anything in the market, an item that is of higher quality will usually cost more. As for solar pv systems, there are some cost-drivers, including the quality or tier of the solar panels that will be used, professional fees of the engineers who will oversee the project, and the technology used by the company.

    As for us here in Buskowitz Energy, we have a Professional Electrical Engineer, Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Trained Electricians who work on projects to ensure safety of every installation. We also use Tier 1 Solar Panels for the best production of the system.


  5. What is Net-Metering? Do I need to apply for it?

    In a nutshell, when you don’t use the energy of your solar pv system, it goes back to your Distribution Utility or your electricity provider, and in return, they will pay that energy: that is Net-Metering.

    In accordance with the Republic Act 9513, distribution utilities shall enter into net-metering agreements with qualified end-users who will be installing RE system. If your system is 99 kilowatt-peak (kWp) and below, then you’re a qualified user to apply for it.


  7. Is it necessary to clean the solar panels regularly?

    Dirt and dust that have accumulated on the panels can affect the production of the system, so, yes it’s necessary to clean the panels from time-to-time. However, your location will indicate how often you should clean the panels. For areas nearby highways, dust accumulation is faster compared to those in provinces, hence the need to clean the panels at least once a month.

    But you wouldn’t want to constantly check on your roof, right? In this case, best to look for a solar pv system with an online monitoring system–through this, you’ll easily identify if your solar is producing lower than usual due to dust or dirt. This also assures your safety, since you wouldn’t have to constantly climb up your roof.

It is indeed astounding that the development of Solar Energy for over fifteen centuries has been on an inclined, and with the help of development in technology, we are truly excited to see the next step/s in this industry. 

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