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Why Carbon Reduction is the Best Way to Prevent Climate Change

Climate change is no laughing matter, and yet once again we are faced with more baffling news that recently surfaced from social media, where a scientist from NASA—Peter Kalmus made remarks stating that “We’re going to lose everything”. Peter’s comments were brought about by the aftermath of Covid-19 lockdowns occurring worldwide. Unfortunately, re-opening economies post-pandemic have caused carbon emissions to rise by 6%.

Now, more than ever, we must take action in combating climate change. We cannot leave the fight for a sustainable future to these specialists alone. As citizens, we must do our part in offering solutions in our own unique ways.

Luckily, we are more ready than ever in doing so, with the help of new advancements in technology, our lifestyle, and voice we could take a big step towards making a change for the development of our planet.


Here are 4 tips we could do to promote carbon reduction for the betterment of the planet:

  • Learn about carbon footprint, its impact on our planet, and how to calculate it

    Carbon footprints are the emissions created by our actions such as burning gasoline, consuming electricity generated by coal, mass-produced food, and using inefficient appliances.

    We might think that one’s lifestyle is not enough to contribute to the global carbon emissions, but according to studies, the average carbon emissions generated per person is about 4 tons per year. This is enough to power 47 iPhone 13 Pro Max. With the horrific 36.3 billion tonnes of carbon emission produced in 2021, we must now start to act as one in reducing our carbon footprint.

    In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we must learn how to calculate it. By doing so we can understand our personal impact on the environment, and revisit our actions that generate the most carbon emissions.

    The Environment Equation will help us know the approximate amount of carbon emissions we emit on a monthly basis.

    1. Multiply your monthly electric bill by 105
    2. Multiply your monthly gas bill by 105
    3. Multiply your monthly oil bill by 113
    4. Multiply your total yearly mileage on your car by .79
    5. Multiply the number of flights you’ve taken in the past year (4 hours or less) by 1,100
    6. Multiply the number of flights you’ve taken in the past year (4 hours or more) by 4,400
    7. Add 184 if you do NOT recycle newspaper
    8. Add 166 if you do NOT recycle aluminum and tin
    9. Add 1-8 together for your total carbon footprint

  • Make a slight lifestyle change.

    By making a slight lifestyle change, we can ensure carbon reduction. May it be from purchasing food from a local supplier, buying in bulk, opting for public transportation, or non-fossil fuel way of transport, reducing screen time usage, and switching to efficient appliances. These changes, if done through a collective effort, will make a big difference in our effort to help save the planet.


  • Make the switch to renewable energy.

    Making the switch to renewable is one of the best ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Fortunately for us, being in a tropical climate, we are better off with the use of solar energy, especially for rooftop installations. This is due to the fact that rooftop solar installations are not on arable land, it produces roughly 20 times fewer carbon emissions than coal-powered electricity sources.


  • Spread the word

    SPREAD THE WORD, we cannot express this more. Mr. Kalamus’ cry for help is a reflection of his first-hand experience as he and his team combat climate change. As citizens, we must make a collective effort not only by learning about carbon footprint, making slight changes in our lifestyle, and switching to renewable energy.

To learn more about how we could reduce our carbon footprint, visit our website at, or you may reach out to to kickstart your solar journey today with Buskowitz Energy.

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August 5, 2022

Hey, thanks for sharing with us Why Carbon Reduction is the Best Way to Prevent Climate Change Because air pollution and greenhouse gases are often released from the same sources, cutting greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to slow climate change also reduces air pollutants, such as fine particulate matter.. Reducing these co-emitted air pollutants improves air quality and benefits human health. Keep sharing with us.


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