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How to create an ideal home office during the quarantine?

As the country eases into the new norm with the general community quarantine (GCQ), many find themselves commuting back to work. However, there are still a handful of individuals in the workforce who continue to stay home and work in their personal spaces, which have been converted into an office. So how do we create an ideal home office during the quarantine?


  1. Put together a work-from-home space

    The perfect home office can be located in a private room or corner. Ideally, this converted space should have little to no access to distractions. At the same time, it should be exposed to plenty of natural lighting during the day, which helps anyone look professional during a video conference. Take an old desk, a comfortable chair, and a place by the window to create a business-only area. As much as possible, use ergonomically-sound furniture, whether you choose to stand up while working or sit down. Of course, it is important to stay motivated while working remotely. Stay home and stay inspired with a personal touch of preferred plants and curios to give your remote workspace a facelift.

  2. Use the best gadgets to keep you focused while you work

    Some of the  best gadgets that help boost productivity while working are an Apple Watch to help monitor your health and hydration levels at all times. Good health produces good results. In fact, some encourage dedicating space for  a fitness machine in your home office. Consider placing a water dispenser to help keep hydrated while in the zone. Add multi monitors to view several documents at the same time and have a laptop that can move between multiple windows for those who prefer to multitask.

  3. Create a worry-free environment

    Enjoy the comfort of a worry-free environment while working from home. Some prefer  using the air conditioner all-day, others are inspired by playing music on a surround-sound system, while there are those who prefer to leave the television on to keep themselves well-informed during office hours–perhaps even all three simultaneously. Whatever your preference, work in a worry-free environment by installing a solar rooftop PV system. While powered by the sun, enjoy up to 60% savings off your total electricity bill even when using essential work equipment for eight hours during your remote work duties.

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